Ann Arbor Hotel / 18.10.2017

We are number 3 on tripadvisor, we are located near University of Michigan and provide many booking packages to ensure you are happy with your stay. We offer a great number of amenities and packages and have accumulated a great number of reviews on Google. "Very clean, well maintained property. Everyone is friendly, helpful and professional. Good selection of food choices during breakfast hours. They provide toys and floaties for guest use in the pool area....

Holidays / 07.12.2016

Ann Arbor is always in a festive mood, whether it's because of the end-of-semester parties, college football season, or the end-of-the-year holidays. And in Ann Arbor, there is always something to celebrate. Last week we looked at the major events going on in and around Ann Arbor this holiday season, and you can read more about it here. Today we're going to look at where to stay during the holidays in Ann Arbor, because as a...

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