6 reasons why you should have a wedding in the winter

We continue to have higher-than-normal temperatures here in Ann Arbor, but rest assured that snow is coming, whether we like or not. The Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites wants to remind everyone that’s thinking of getting married soon, that winter is one of the best seasons to have your wedding. And Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites is the perfect place to have your wedding reception.

Today we’re going to share with you the top 6 reasons why we think winter is one of the best seasons to have your wedding. The list is not in a particular order.

Off-season = More Savings

Everyone knows that these days you need a bank loan to have a wedding, but with winter being considered ‘off-season’ for weddings, this means that you can save a ton of money by having it in the winter months, rather than spring or summer, or even fall. Everything will be relatively cheaper in the winter, whether it’s the wedding planners, the rentals, or even the photographers. Click here to get in touch with one of Ann Arbor Regent’s sales staff, or call us at 734-274-4152.

So many holidays!

With so many holidays during the winter season, Christmas, New Years Eve, and Valentine’s Day, the options to pick the perfect holiday to celebrate your marriage are endless. Do you want to have your whole family together? Then Christmas might be your dream date, allowing the come together for an extra special December 25th. Want to have a gigantic party instead? Then why not a New Years Eve celebration. Or would you rather express your love? Then what’s better than a Valentine’s Day wedding! Plus there is bonus point for having your wedding on a special holiday, because not only your friends and family won’t forget, but neither will your partner. Give Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites a call at 734-274-4152 to see if any of these holidays is available for your wedding.

Standing Out

Winter season allows you to have a wedding that will stand out, and won’t be just another ‘summer wedding’. Besides the fact that wedding venues in the summer need to be booked a billion years ahead, summer weddings can be more exhausting also, for your and your guests. You will also get to utilize different palettes of reds and burgundy, greens and golds. At Ann Arbor Regent Hotel and Suites we will allow you to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere for your guests, that will have them raving about your unique decor for years to come.

Tropical Honeymoon

Imagine having a wedding in the near zero temperatures that the Michigan weather has to offer. Now imagine a week later, sitting on a tropical island, feeling the hot sand beneath your toes. Imagine how special and good that is going to feel. A winter wedding has to be topped off with a tropical honeymoon.

No Rain

While snow has its own beauties, and sunny days are always welcomed for weddings, rainy days are usually not the most preferred days to have a wedding. You don’t want to spend days and months worrying about whether it will rain on your wedding day or not! So have a wedding at the Ann Arbor Regent Hotel and Suites, rain and snow free.

Don’t sweat it! Literally!

Speaking of the weather, we know how the Michigan weather can get up to 100+ degrees in the summer. Do you want to get married in that kind of heat? Do you want your ‘party-hard’ guests to be dehydrated and prone to overheating? Of course not! Think about the makeup of the bride and the bridesmaids, getting ruined in that kind of heat. So plan a winter wedding instead, and don’t sweat it! 😀

We hope you enjoyed the list, and we at Ann Arbor Regent Hotel and Suites would love to host your wedding at your venue. Make sure you give us a call today at 734-274-4152 for more information!

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