Planning a Perfect Tailgate Party

Attending a University of Michigan football game is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only do the Wolverines have the most all-time wins in college football history, Michigan fans love the art of the tailgate. Now, planning the perfect tailgate can be a challenge. Did you bring enough food? Snacks? Will the beer stay cold? Keeping a pre-game party’s atmosphere amped yet comfortable is a must. Leaving the cooler at the hotel, or the beers in the fridge at home can dampen even the most avid fan’s day. So, whether you’ve driven across the country, or live on campus, here are a few essentials that need to make your game-day list.

1. Folding chairs
Having a place for people to sit and relax is a must.

2. Trash cans
No matter how much fun your group might have, it’s important to respect the campus either at home, or away. Sometimes trash barrels can be few and far between in a tailgate area, so bringing your own is the responsible thing to do.

3. Party fridge/cooler
Obviously a cooler or party fridge is an absolute must. Stock your cooler with ice, water, beers, soda, sports drinks, mixers, or any other beverages you might enjoy.

4. Canopy
A canopy, tarp, or other structure is needed for shade, as well as to create a space for people to relax and socialize, or perhaps corral those who may have imbibed a bit too much.

5. Grill
Bring along a portable grill for perfect burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and more! Be aware, however, that if your generator or other equipment is too loud or disruptive to other visitors, University staff will ask you to turn it off, or move to a less populated area.

6. Use our Uber Package to Stay Safe
There is a whole fleet of personal drivers waiting to accommodate your tailgate party needs. Please don’t drink and drive. Instead, use our Taste of Main Street package to receive Uber credits and a gift card to any Main Street Ventures restaurants. Click here for details.

These are just some ideas for perfecting your tailgate experience. No matter what you decide to take to the game, before you leave your hotel or dorm room, don’t forget to put on that one-of-a-kind Michigan school pride!

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