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Ann Arbor hotels that will make your stay in town that much better.


There is no shortage of places to stay when traveling to the University of Michigan city, but which of the Ann Arbor hotels should you be considering?

Since I am a commuter to Ann Arbor for work, there have been many nights that I have decided to stick around town for the night. During these nights I have decided to stay at various area hotels, usually first considering amenities, pricing and reviews/recommendations. After several disappointing or just plain mediocre hotel stays, I found my forever favorite of the Ann Arbor hotels. The hotel that I fell in love with had many features and amenities that made me quite happy.

The Ann Arbor hotel that I would now and forever recommend is the Ann Arbor Regent Hotel and Suites. Not only are the rooms elegant, accommodating and clean but the hotel itself offered much more that just a room. Being someone who is very into staying in shape, I love utilizing the fitness center/weight station, taking a few laps in the pool and finishing my workout with a dip in the hot tub. In the evening I am able to kick back, read a book and relax in the lighted gazebo surrounded by the beautiful courtyard gardens.

Another really cool feature for the Ann Arbor hotel is the billiards room. The room is not just for billiards, the Regent also has great quality foosball and shuffle board tables.

So which is the best Hotel Ann Arbor has to offer?


The Ann Arbor Regent Hotel is now and will always be my top choice. If you would like to try it out for yourself, say no more! Simply, click the link below.


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