Business / 13.12.2016

Conferences are among the most important events that a successful company has. These conferences can be for a number of different reasons. The term "conference" can apply to a variety of gatherings from a group of researchers who meet to discuss scientific results, to a group of sales people who are training. But there is a couple of things that go into having a successful conference event, and the most important thing is the preparation before...

Business / 11.07.2016

Choosing the best venue for business conferences in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan area is one of the most important parts of planning events. Many factors combine to make a successful event. Here are a few to consider before making a final decision. Location The best place for a conference should offer convenient access for the attendees. A central area helps to eliminate problems with people getting lost, being late, or opting not to come at...

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